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Announcing: Neotokio3 - GUILTY CROWN - THE VOID

FOAKKKKK YEAH!!!!!!  NT3 is happy to announce the upcoming release of our latest Project = GUILTY CROWN - THE VOID  <<<

The Void has been inspired by the [Love]Story of Shu Ouma & Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown. For those who don't know: Guilty Crown (ギルティクラウンGiruti Kuraun) is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Production I.G which aired on Fuji TV's noitamina program block from October 2011.[1] The story revolves around Shu Ouma, a high school boy who inadvertently obtains an ability called "The Power of the Kings" that enables him to draw out items called "Voids" from other people. He is then thrown into the conflict between a quasi-governmental organization known as the GHQ and a resistance group called Funeral Parlor which aims to restore Japan's independence from the GHQ. In the process, Shu has to deal with the burden his ability puts on his shoulders and the horrific mystery of his past. The series incorporates elements of numerous genres, mostly drawing from science fantasy.

The song is written from the perspective of Shu Ouma after the events that took place at the ending of the series. To explain this: In the Epilog / The last scenes of the Anime Shu can be seen resting on a bench facing a river, listening to Inoris music, Reminiscing in his memories of her. This is where THE VOID picks up.

we don't want give away to much but be prepared for Goosebumps! THE VOID is probably our deepest and most emotional Release so far. Going into this project we had shitload of ....let's put it this way: Respect!  Guilty Crown is such Huge Name, so many talented people worked on this's frikin crazy, especially in the Music & OST department this title is probably one of the, if not the strongest in recent years. The tracks associated with this Project are all phenomenal pieces. Like for example My Dearest, Departures, Euterpe....those are such powerful and beautiful Tracks, they are almost in a league all by them selfs. So basically the Bar was pretty damn high. But it was important to us that our song would at least be as touching and as powerful as those mentioned above. Not exactly like them but in his own right and in his own style while still fitting in like it was supposed to be there all the time. We are very happy with what we ended up creating and we hope you will be as well.

The Void will be available in two version featuring Japanese dubbed (J DUB MIX) and English dubbed (E DUB Mix) material . The Voices of Yuji Kaji & Austin Tindle as Shu Ouma and Alexis Tipton & Ai Kayano as Inori play a vital role here. The Official Release Date is January the 11th 2015. Stay Tuned, this one is more than Awesome!