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Neotokio3 - BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER - Amv by Tomcras (MangAnimeDE)

Neotokio3 ブラックロックシューター AMV by Tomcras [MangAnimeDE]

F*%K YEAH! The one official video / AMV isn't enough. Below you can check out another AMV to The Black Rock Shooter Single. This one was made by Tomcras. If you are from Germany  and like Anime and Manga there is a very high chance that you are thinking right now: uhhm Tomcras? hey I know a Tomcras, could it be this Tomcras? Really? yes Really it is indeed the one and only Tomcras from ManganimeDE.

For those of you who are not from Germany and are like TOMCRAS? WHO THE HECK IS TOMCRAS? xD The Guy has one of the coolest and most informative YouTube channels about Manga and Anime related stuff in Germany. News, podcasts, reviews, unboxings, funny specials, basically everything your heart desires is to be found there.  He is also one of the nicest people we lately meet and since Lady Gaga currently still refuses to publicly admit it despite the fact that she is listening to our Tracks  24 freaking 7 and sends us weird fan mail all the time he might be our most publicly know fan to date. Well, We we are fans of him and so obviously we are the coolest fans he has but uhmm ok this is getting bannana xD Anyway Tomcras aka Tom Space Cowboy Cras is a hella cool dude and this Amv is made by him. We think, it's awesome! and we hope you guys Enjoy it as much as we do ;)

PS: Gaga we know you are reading this!! syrsly admit it already or go F#ck youslf.