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NT3 | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann | Jade's AMV

 Neotokio3 proudly Presents Jade's Amv

F...YEAH!!! We are sooo proud to present you this AMESOME AMV made for us by the lovely Jade Charm.


Jade describes herself as a totally normal 24-year old girl from germany who became passionate about editing AMVs in 2007. Well that's what she she says. We think she is a mighty intergalactic princess with charming super powers.  Jokes aside, her editing skills are just WOW!! her Amv's are pure eye candy and amazingly addictive. They range in style from mostly raw, over master of internal-synch, lip-synch-pro all the way to girly & dance.  you can and should check out more of her works at: On here channel you will also be able to find a different version of this Amv.

Yeaahh :D

Soon, best