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Unplug Yourself Freetrack

Fuuuuuuukkkk YEAH! Our very first freetrack is now available for download. The piece is called "Unplug Yourself" and is pretty much a feel good summer anthem. Too bad, summer is over now ha?


lol... anyways... what you hear is what you get, fat bass, some dubstep pared with a melodic feel good vibe. It's overall more pop and dance until it gets pretty in your face for a short while with that aggressive rap(!?) part at 3:00. TypeZero at his best here :) 

Thematically it's all about cutting the connection for a while to live life / interact with our world like people used to before Smartphone's and co took over the world. Like back a view years ago people used to hang out and actually talk to each other. Today you see so often so many obscure scenes in cafés, pup's and all kind of places where a group of people that are supposed to be friends just sit there starring into their Smartphone all the god damn time lol. Even whole families... Daddy? Stares into his Smartphone! Mommy? Stares into her Smartphone! Lttle son? Stares into his handheld... They don't talk, they don't interact, nothing....god damn zombies. Holy crap! Fukkin grotesque & it's not like the "need to be constantly online" + the electronic industry isn't evolving day by day so if it is now like that. Imagine how it's going to be in 20 years from now...surrogate(s)!? well lol....whatever. We're not trying to start a debate here. In the end it's just a feel good song and we hope you guys like it.

You can download it here: or simply by pressing the download / buy button in the soundcloud player.

The original instrumental was produced by Access Denied so all credit goes to him. Lyrics where written by TypeZero and EVA01. Vocals TypeZero and EVA01. Final Mixdown: TypeZero & Mk2.