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Neotokio3 - Eureka7 ♫ Eureka+Renton ♫

Eureka+Renton OUT NOW!!! :)

 F*** YEAH Neotokio3's - Eureka Seven - Eureka+Renton is Official out and available. You can either just download it for free or support us by buying it online in a digital music store like I-tunes or Amazon. To download it for free click one of the links that say's "freedownload" below. To buy it just search for it on Amazon or I-tunes or wherever you buy your music or follow one of the links below.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NT3 - EUREKA+RENTON - FREE DOWNLOAD @ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NT3 - EUREKA+RENTON - FREE DOWNLOAD @<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NT3 - EUREKA+RENTON - FREE DOWNLOAD @<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
note: the archive contains the single in 320kBit/s Quality. cover art is also included.
to extract it you need a common zip archiver tool like winrar or 7zip.
note: Thanks 4 buying it and supporting us. we really appreciate it.

ABOUT EUREKA+RENTON: NT3's Eureka+Renton is a song dedicated to wonderful and heartwarming relationship between Eureka and Renton Thurston.  The two main characters from the Japanese mecha anime TV series Eureka Seven. Eureka Seven, known in Japan as Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN (交響詩篇エウレカセブンKōkyōshihen Eureka Sebun?, literally "Symphonic Psalms Eureka Seven"), was produced by Bones, Written by: Dai Satō and Directed by: Tomoki Kyoda, The Show consists of 50 episodes which aired from April 17, 2005 to April 2, 2006 on MBS, TBS

Its A Love song reflecting the unique bond Eureka and Renton had while trying to capture the magic of their romance from the moment they first met each other in episode one all the way to the beautiful finally in episode 50. In our mind their relationship is just plain and simply iconic and inspired and moved thousands if not millions of Anime fans around the world. You don't agree? go babysit the 3 brats! seriously, name a couple in anime that has been more cosplay'd to death then them xD

Anyway the mood of this tune was just so important to us. Usually love songs tend to be kinda SO FRAKIN EMO n cheesy and slow and you know.....not that there is anything wrong with this but with this one we wanted to fit the Anime as much as possible and so we tried to produce a song that is uplifting just like a TRAPA wave + vibrant and full of life just like the style of the Anime itself, Ergo uptempo  + a happy electronic tune that really could have been OST material. Put on a highlight reel of Eureka7 mute the audio and play Eureka+Renton and you'll notice: IT JUST FITS x)

MMMHH YEAHHHH!!!there really ain't nothing else to say about this one except but MMMHH YEAHHHH!!! we hope you like the song! if not, F it! the heck do we care. This one is for Eure and Ren + for all the couples out there that can relate to their story and feel exactly the same way they did when they finally realized that they are meant for each other and that together they can do ANYTHING !

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