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NT3 | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ♫

F*** YEAH! TTGL Single = OUT NOW !!!!

F*** YEAH Neotokio3's - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is finally here for everyone to love, like and hear. The most important stuff first: how to get it? well you can either just download it for free or support us by buying it online in a digital music store like I-tunes or Amazon. to download it for free click one of the links that say's "freedownload" below. to buy it just search for it on Amazon or I-tunes or wherever you buy your music or follow one of the links below.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NT3 - TTGL - SINGLE - FREE DOWNLOAD @ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NT3 - TTGL - SINGLE - FREE DOWNLOAD @ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NT3 - TTGL - SINGLE - FREE DOWNLOAD @ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
note: the archive contains the regular as well as the extended mix. cover art is also included.
to extract it you need a common zip archiver tool like winrar or 7zip.

SUPPORT US BY BUYING TTGL FROM:  I-Tunes | Amazon | 7Digital | hmvdigital |
note: the regular mix and the extended mix are separate releases.

About The Song: TTGL is a song all bout The Legendary Anime, its story and its iconic characters. But at the same time its also a song about us. The way we are, the way we role, how we do, think and flow.  Team Neotokio just like like team Dai-Gurren, Childhood used to end to soon but...:)

Its is a tribute and a bit of a mirror to the overall spirit and style of the Anime (over the top + full force + bright + colorful + carefree + straight in your face + lots of fun, lots of energy  + Go beyond the impossible and kick the logic to corner + who the hell do you think we are + we gon do our thing no matter what + believe++++ ) and so it's no coincidence that the song has a bit of all the stuff mentioned above. the Q was partly : what would it sound like if Team dai-gurren where to make a song about themselves. we came up with this. Of course some of you Going to disagree cuz you like rock and think they would have made a rock song. Or you like techno and think they would have made....ahh come on, really?? xD c what we are trying to say? you can disagree with the style of music but not with the spirit of the song. Or maybe you can do that as well but honestly: you can do whatever you want lol, if you dislike anything about the the track. that's fine with us. the whole song is telling you what we think about it :))

Anyway the whole project actually has a huge meaning to us as well as a very positive message.  Guess the message is kind of obvious and don't really need no explanation. About the huge meaning to us: well we gon elaborate that in the booklet of our first album or give it out in a interview maybe if someone brings up that question. speaking of interviews and such stuff --> contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <--- xD

we hope that you enjoy the song. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is our first fully anime inspired release. will they more? F*** YEAH! when, what, how & about? stay tuned, more info's are coming very soon. Btw: also check out Eva01's amazing artwork to the TTGL release at