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Neotokio3 - Like Daft Punk

Like Daft Punk -out now! press play and feel gooooood ;)

Ladies n Gentleman Neotokio3 is The coolest band in the world and without further ado we 'd like to present to you our first Official Release: Like Daft Punk! press play and feel gooooood ;)

About The Song: Like daft Punk is 50% tribute, 50% homage and 100% forget about the world and everything that tries to bring you down Feel good anthem. it's also 100% Neotokio3! It was never our intention to sound anything like Like DP here. however a tribute or a homage just can't live without  certain similarities to the one that it is about and so the beat features this funky ass baseline that kinda reminds a lot of the one in Daft Punk's break trough hit "around the world" .  Also the Track has this certain easy going uplifting vibe to it like a lot of Daft Punk's hits. Tribute wise the rest is done with the lyrics. you don't need to be a fan of Daft Punk to understand and feel "like Daft Punk" but a fan of Daft Punk will definitely get the tribute parts and bits of Like Daft Punk.

Daft Punk has been one of our greatest influences. as a the young and rather careless band that we are, we don't look up to many projects or individuals in the mainstream industry but Daft Punk is definitely one of the few that we kind of cheer 4. specially Type Zero our lead singer and song writer is a big fan and so this tribute came very natural. We from Neotokio3 hope that you like the song.

And if you do, tell a friend and another and another and then do it one more time, lets make this go around n around n around the world ;)
Like Daft Punk will / should be available for purchase in your go to music online stores like i tunes, amazon etc on ---- 02/25/2014 ---- but at the same time you can also download this track for free here. it's up to you if want to buy it or free download it so to speak. we don't give a god damn shit about the profit. we produce music cuz we love it first. making money on sales isn't a priority atm.  however each download that is purchased will support us of course because the more money we make the more money we can invest into our sound. means shit like: better equipment...better equipment means shit like : higher quality, more possibilities n so on. of course we'd like to have that so if you like us and want to support us. buying our releases is definitely one way to do so and we are thankful ;)

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