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Neotokio3 - About us

Neotokio3 is a band project consisting of 3 people. Songwriter, Lead Mc and Singer: Akiyo (TypeZero) ; Manager, Operator, Bombshell, GFX designer and Bitch in charge: Nina Evangeline (EVA01) & Beat Producer, Engineer & Master of the Universe: Michael (Mk2) 2 totally different type of personalities and a pack of boobs, all in their early 20ths on a mission to rock.

Inspired by the world around them, plus a whole lot of freaky colorful stuff TypeZero likes; some cute, sexy & cuddly stuff EVA01 Likes and mostly boring shit that Michael likes. They build a perfect triangle of creativity and innovation that ultimately results in a unique energy and vibe to their sound.

Neotokio3 tends to do things a bit differently, but forget about certain concepts or particular styles. Auyrin is with them, they are young, wild, free and at least one of them is sexy so they do as they wish, please and want to. In other words they honestly don't give a shit. Today NT3 might be mainstream coming with a dumb ass party track you can dance and nod your head 2, while tomorrow they choose to deliver something totally out of ordinary. 

Sometimes names just nail it the best. In our universe Tokyo the capitol city of Japan is a place so colorful and rich in verity. A place where u can find everything your heart desires. A place where so many styles collide. In the universe of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Neo Tokyo 3 is a city that is also able to transform itself into a shielding fortress for all of it's residents. And  in many pieces of literature and media Neo Tokyo is a super stylish futuristic setting where Neon Lights dominate and technology is omnipresent.