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So Guys In Short: CONVENTION DAY is pure LOVE! for Anime & Manga Fans, Cosplayers, all the beautiful people in this community and all of the lovely aspects that make it so great.  for Convention goers and for those who make it possible that there are conventions 2 go 2.
A little More Detailed: Every Year there are hundreds if not thousands of Anime Conventions and Anime, Manga and Cosplay related fan gatherings and festivals being held worldwide.
Comiket in Tokyo, Japan Expo in Paris & Anime Expo In Los Angeles are some of the big names that immediately come to mind. Millions of People attend these events to proudly celebrate what they love , To literally express their fandom, to have a good time and get glomped, to make friends, cherish their passion, check out new stuff, have fun and
.well, feel at home should be good way to describe it.
We are among those people So, we decided to make a song, no wait not just a song an absolute ANTHEM!! that celebrates!! Anime Conventions and Convention goers. An Anthem that sums up a as many of the lovely and colorful aspects of these events as possible. some of the bad ones is in the air! yes, and so is the con funk sometimes lol. But Yeah, an anthem that captures the beautiful clusterFu** of positive stuff and emotions one can experience there, the happiness, excitement the thril, fun, love, unity and so much moaaaaw!
This was our goal, so we tried to do just that.
we wanted to make a tune and that one can listen to looking forward to attending the next con, like maybe while carefully crafting the awesome cosplay he or she is planning to rock. Or maybe while plotting plans about all the stuff they want to buy, artists and guests they plan to see, panels they want to visit etc. etc.
just as much as we wanted to make a song that would be perfect for looking back at the last con. Like you know
wallowing in memoriesthinking about how freaking awesome this last convention or expo visit was.
But the most important thing was to make a song that captures the excitement and joy one feels on the day he or she actually visits a convention. Like the perfect soundtrack for that or rather for those special kind of (Convention) days. Convention Day is the result. We hope you enjoy it :

Official release date is: 10/26/2018.

Much Love!!!