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The meaning of the term Doki Doki

With only one day remaining until Release we thought we should or could write a couple of sentences about the Term “Doki Doki”

We are sure that you know already: Doki Doki (ドキドキ)is a Mimetic Word. (words that mimic sounds, feelings, or senses) & onomatopoeia (same shit) for the sound of a heart beating at a quickened pace.It is used to describe physical/emotional excitement or racing of the heart. Manga readers know that there probably isn’t a romance manga where you don’t encounter this Mimetic Word. It is part of countless lovely panels and has been accommodating some of the sweetest and most kawaii manga moments of all time.

 ドキドキ even literally pops up in Anime from time to time and when it does it often makes us go: awwwwww :D Doki Doki is part of our culture and honestly we all felt Doki Doki in our own lifes sometime right? Remember back in 5th grade when u where about to talk to your crush for the first time and your heart suddenly started to pound like so crazy making it difficult for you to breath because OWW MY GAWD!!!! HE / SHE SOW CUUUTTTTE? No? good me neither lol. (Zero writing this one here, Hi :D)

 but seriously I feel doki doki on a daily basis in all kinds of situations. For example, every time I see Evangeline. Yeah she makes me Doki Doki like crazy :D but I also feel doki doki when we are about to record a new song or when we watch anime together or when we....actually I just noticed I feel doki doki a lot. To feel excitement and thrill and have your heart convey it by its BPM is a beautiful thing. It lets u know that you are alive and this is one of the reasons why we felt like that it was worth to make a song about it.

 much Doki Doki luv! ZERO // Neotokio3