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The Stars of Doki Doki Love Song Part 1

YES!!! Yuuri Katsuki & Victor Nikiforov from Yūri!!! On Ice // ユーリ!!! on ICE) are 2 of the 4 stars of Doki Doki「ドキドキ」Love Song. But what does this even mean? Well simply put a great portion of the song is about them and their story & romantic feelings for each other. Part one of the song is dedicated to Yuri and Victor.

the second part of the song is about another lovely couple but more about them and who they are in the next post. while the song in general is actually about every couple that comes to mind with doki doki moments when it came down to referencing and name dropping we had to make a decision and we choose these 2 couples for a reason. initially we had planned to kinda bring more names into this song but then it could have easily turned into something like Anime Love part 2 and we didn’t want that.

So reasons: Yuri and Victor? Well their story has so many Doki Doki moments that it would be crazy not to include them right?. We mean let’s be serious here: Katsukis heart went trough the roof so often during these wonderful 12 episodes that he will probably end up needing a heart pacemaker by the age of 30 lol. so many cute moments, so much love, passion, victor and doki doki. It was a natural fit to be honest. we are actually feeling a bit doki doki because believe it or not this one here is our first ever yaoi reference in a song and while there are a lot more to come this one feels super special. so yeah, find out who the other lovely couple is in our next news post tomorrow!

much Doki Doki luv! NT3

Ps: this entire news post + useless extra information about what we are currently watching & reading in one image here: