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!!!YATTA!!! We Are Almost Back!


 NEOTOKIO3 is BACK!!! Well nooot quite yet but as good as. We Just wanted to let ya know that we are finally back on track. After a long ass creative break that we chose to take we were then forced to take another one because of all sorts of nerve wrecking issues. Equipment issues, issues with our studio Pc, some minor health issues, issues here, issues there, issues everywhere….but finally everything is resolved and we started to produce music again. YATTA!!!! The first project is as good as done!!! and others are in production. We have so, so, sooo many cool songs in the pipeline. We cannot wait to record them and bring them to life. Things are going to be awesome!

However, some things are going to change. Since we really, really want to focus on producing all of these songs and making more music in general we decided that we are going to outsource AMV production for most of our upcoming projects.  that means yes we are hiring AMV Editors! If u are an editor or have a friend that is an editor that wants to be involved in a cool Anime Song project feel free to contact us. Or wait until we announce each upcoming project with specific information about the whole thing and if it sparks your interest contact us then. Anyway, we are looking forward to announcing our next release. We will do so in about one week from now soo Stay Tuned. Anime is love, Manga is life.


Soon, much luv ︎ Notokio3