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How Yuno's Future Diary / Mobile Phone would look Today

The 2015 Version of Yuno's Mobile Phone


ever wondered what Yuno Gasai's Mobile Phone / Future Diary would look like if the Anime Was produced in 2015 instead of 2010 (Ova) 11&12 (Anime)? or to be more exact if the Manga wasn't a product of the last decade but one of more recent times. well check out this concept Art below and see for yourself :D  We made those 4 the offical Amv but actually didnt use the renders there. instead they ended up in a really cool poster. If we are ever going to shoot a real life music video to this one you are definitely going to see something like this in there xD

Yuno's Future Diary 2015 Version

Remember: Neotokio3's - YUNO GASAI - Mirai Nikki will be released: August the 7th. More Info Coming soon.