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Announcing: Neotokio3 - YUNO GASAI - Mirai Nikki!!!!

The Worlds First Ever YANDERE Self help program :D


This one is a crazy one!!! Not a Song, naaaaaaw!

The Worlds First Ever YANDERE Self help program for Physiologically traumatized Boy's  and young men that either had or have a romantic relation with a YANDERE Girfriend. It Displays the emotional Struggle as well as the Mental terror that such a relation can cause as it authentically portrays how it is to have a initially very cheerful, Extremely Kawaiii, kind and loving but later stubborn, bossy and mentally destructive, overprotective, violent, super brutal and insanely jealous stalker alert Girlfriend. A Girlfriend the likes of Yuno Gasai.

Wait? what? They must be jokin right? eheh, we are not! XD

Follow Narrator "ZERO portraying [Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano"] as he shares is views and experience of being under the influence of Girl that threatens to violently Murder any female individual that makes a attempt to flirt with him. "Eva01" [portraying Yuno Gasai] is....well...Yuno Gasai. you know: YOU KISSED MY YUKI? YOU WHOOOOORE!!!! !!!

Imagine one would take all the scenes from Mirai Nikki where Yuno is going crazy and those where Yuki is like: WTF? THIS ISNT HAPPENING! Now line them all up and compress them into 4:22 of pure Epicness. We are proud to let you know that this is exactly what awaits you ^^

Neotokio3's - YUNO GASAI - Mirai Nikki will be released: August 7th 2015. More Info Coming soon.